Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Living Out Of A Suitcase

Life teaches us a lesson every single day.
Most of us disregard each lesson since we led mechanical lives.
I have written elsewhere that most of us sleepwalk thru' a life.
That's a fact.

The more stubborn you are the more stupid repetition of a
lesson will re-occur. Some of us are stupid enough to defy God,
or Nature if you like because Life that perpetual prankster acts
like beer on an innocent. One may feel smarter, handsomer, richer,
more powerful.
Less inhibited, and dangerously reckless.
This reckless part fascinates me no end.

Recently I put up this question at my Facebook Wall where
people ask weird queries mainly with the intention of gauging
the smartness, depth and wit of the friends who may choose
to reply. Why are people so aggressive whilst using emails?
Very few replied and the general tone was that most people
safe from physical attacks on email circuit...
however, my feelings are slightly more 'expansive' here.
The scenario is not as simple as that. The older you get, the
more complex scenarios get. Nothing remains as simple as the
world used to be through a school-kid's eyes.

There's an element of 'intoxication' involved here... not in the
wine-drunk sense of the word but 'power-drunk' sense. Just as
twelve- year old boy may feel if the controls of a twin-engined
Cessna were in his hands. Or a twenty-five old Simian mind-set
owning adolescent may feel with a Formula 1 car under his command.
Or an older one with an automatic rifle in his hands. That sense of
power, and a sense of total invincibility brings out the animal inside.
We as very prim and proper citizens keep this animal under multiple
wraps out of sheer habit.

But boys in Sri Lanka who grew up with rape arson killing and
marauding have a tattered rag for a wrap. So do the boys who
grew up up killing killing - have heard stories about school-age
boys who have never seen school, go to 'the mountains' to relieve
themselves, with loaded rifles for company.
These boys shoot to kill the moment they spy a movement.

I deliberately used the adjective 'Simian' because the adolescent
mind at times is too 'monkeyish' to be human. Thus the same
recklessness you can find in a youth busy writing and shooting
off reckless emails, as you find in the youth in LTTE areas or
Afghanistan, heavily drunks with gun power.

Women have a civilizing effect on men. Some wag very rightly
said : when women have nothing to do and are bored, they go
shopping -when men have nothing to do and are bored, they go
and invade a country. It's too true. Because women are the first
to get dehumanized in war, they are wary.

Are there women designing new weapons of war? A better
bullet with a hollow space inside so that it collapses on itself after
piercing the flesh of the 'enemy' and then going berserk? Or a nuke
bomb with much more devastation power? Or chemical agents?
Are women adapt at drumming up a frenzy to declare a war on
the neighbouring country in the name of national pride?
Do they covet the strange men they have never seen whom they could
rape, maul, maim and then hang from the nearest pole?

That the western women today 'power dress' by wearing manly suits,
and claw their way up the corporate ladder with more masculine
aggression than was drilled into their genetic material -makes sad
reading / watching. Women cannot be expected to bring about long
-lasting peace between fighting neighbours. Golda Meyer, Margaret
Thatcher and Indira Gandhi fought wars and caused more harm to
peace than their male predecessors. Women politicians can be equally
cold -blooded in eliminating their adversaries, as if ordering a snake to
have its head crushed by a paid commando.

Long term abuse of human body (which is intimately connected to the
brain and hence the human mind) may perhaps bring about fundamental
changes in human DNA too. Two or three centuries down the line in future,
males and females if they are around, may be born with the 'kill kill kill'
instinct uppermost in their minds.


No cheerz.

(c) Max Babi