Sunday, May 13, 2007

Here's Another Post... erratic as ever....

I am in Nashik.
Been here for nearly a week now. Came with wife and daughter who were free. They hung around for a while and then pushed off. They are back now in Pune -and am staying on for a while.

Pune despite its reputation as an air-conditioned city, has been boiling of late. Of course this is dry heat, not the pressure-cooker type that Mumbai or Chennai subject you to. Even Kolkata does that. For those not used to humidity, that
constant feeling of being soiled, is something impossible to get used too. Three baths a day don't help. I feel soiled the moment I emerge from the bath -it's horrid.

On the whole Nashik seems cooler than Pune these days, though the rains are a week off. This must be my tenth visit here in the last year or may be a shorter period... and the spacious roads, some times as many as three roads with good width, make me wonder. Pune's road building and maintenance went to the dogs many years back. With the building of flyovers and things, Pune has been torturing its citizens sadistically. A crying shame.

Hitched up with a local company for buildng a sophisticaed sort of surface treatment system, and now a Mumbai based environment preservation company wants us to develop a waste destruction system using very high temperatures, something which only thermal plasmas can do efficiently. But the development isn't a cakewalk either. The gas to be used air, which maks the design and runnng of the system pretty tricky. Have completed the first draft and enjoyed doing what I used to some 20 years ago... challenges like this are certainly the adrenaline pumping types and I do enjoy them.

May have to stay here for longer periods, it seems. So went around seeing houses, actually saw just one, and liked it. May not have to stay at the Nashik Club. The club, mind you is a peaceful haven. This time they gave us a suite
with a terrace and no other room could be sexier. However for the first three days there were weddings, and the club lawns were mauled just as our eyes and ears were too.

The first wedding was a real 'class' affair, meaning, the royal class type. No one made any uncivilized noises nor went around harassing others. The decor was tasteful, the guests were all polished and soft-spoken, even the body language seemed highly groomed. The next day, oh Lord! Some country bumpkins came by the busloads, and produced enough noise to split the skies wide open. Urchins went about pressing doorbells and mutilating the lifts, orgiastically. A garishly uniformed country band came with two pathetic looking Micky Mouse and some other horrid cartoon character dressed up to be eight feet tall. A genderless singer screamed like a Banshee on drugs, and the band-mates played mainly between the keys. To make noise was their aim, none else.

The second day another country bumpkin lot came and occupied various halls for dressing and undressing - I ran smack into groups of ladies engaged in such activities and returned without reaching my room. Thank God, there has been no wedding for last two days.

More later.

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