Friday, September 22, 2006

Looking At Chennai

Like I said in a recent poem posted at gather dot com,
Astronomy taught me the immense usefulness of 'side vision'.

All of us who drive vehicles decently without substance abuse or
other professional hazards, which are likely to cloud up the vision or
lend fuzzy edges to one's thinking, sooner or later realize the vitality
and import of side vision.

It is known scientifically (I was talking to Ajay Zaveri, one of my most
perceptive jazz loving friend at Mumbai whose flair of things poetical and
philosophical is nearly as great or deep as David Israel's) that the human
eye has a very complex structure. What is not known to most is the ability
of those 'rods and cones' which surround the retina, to be able to gather
even the faintest light and produce a cogent picture.

When trying to discern a nebula, so fain in some far off corner
of this vast universe (or universes?) one is better off NOT
looking at it but slyly taking a peep through side vision.
We all do that, the drivers amongst us, when someone is trying
to sneak into our force field and overtake us. No one will miss
the slightest movement.

I think I would gladly quote my poem here, since it seems very
relevant, here we go :

" A Heightened Awareness "

It's not all that difficult.
Looking at the universe in a loose
and nebulous fashion.

Astronomy taught me, if you want to
glimpse that diffuse twinkle, do not
stare at it -
use your side vision.

It never fails.

A stark and focused look
can make another person feel ripped
skin and flesh all gone from
the embarassed skeleton.

A Japanese custom demands
at least one piece of cloth should
intervene between two passionate bodies.

A heightened experience.

(c) MB 091506

So some of my future posts are predictably going to be
jelling into words through this phenomenon.

Thanks everyone who reads and chooses or not, to comment.
More soon.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Renaming This Blog

Max In Chennai will continue for another few months.
The moments I have described are nothing compared to moments still lying like unused bank balance in my mind.... I could write three times as much as this, so let me mentally remain in Chennai though I will be soaking up life in Pune from tomorrow onwards.

Lets see.... I am not in favour of detaching Max from Chennai as yet.